intec college Complaints - Bad service does not respond

Getruida Van Der Westhuizen
13:08 (3 minutes ago)
to shakir.achmat

Good Day

Trust you are well

My name is Gertruida
I applied by you guys last month and in the beginning it was told certain days

then after that certain it was told only 21 working days and then i
asked them any news yet and the lady told me it is still 21 working

this is very frustrating and i am not happy as i need to follow up the
whole time of what is happening with the things and when i asked them
regarding the matter on the student portal why does it show open and
download they cant answer me and been ignoring my emails

i have put you guys on

i did have bad experience with my previous colleges and i was hoping
not to have the same problem and it is busy to get the same problem

i am very disappointing and i did told the lady i will put you guys on
face book and take it to the news papers and still no respond

i dont want to have the same problem and i am giving till Monday at 8
am to sort this matter out ..

Student number :10012203627

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