Beauty Faith Works Pty Ltd Complaints - Bad service and extremely bad attitude

Kagiso mall pep cell is the worst store ever, when I got there to lay bye a phone on my company's account the sales lady by the name of Lilly gave me extremely bad attitude by being rude and telling me how they don't have stock and even if they had they can't give to me... I asked the pep store ladies to help me but she was rude and swearing at them for trying to help, I don't really know or understand why because we don't even know each other.. Now I've decided to call line but it continuously finish my airtime without receiving help, so now I'm mad as hell and won't take this from anyone because I work with clients n I value them for I know my business is nothing without them. If you cannot get this girl in order I'm going to publish all her bad services in your store on every social media... What kind of thing is this? Just to try and lay bye the Stylo 6inch screen display

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