Bidvest McCarthy Nissan End Street Johannesburg Complaints - Bad Service and Fraudsters

I am really disappointed and angry at Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan in Johannesburg for BAD SERVICE and UNCLEAR communication and now they are bullying me to pay for BAD SERVICE

I drove my Nissan Navara 2.5 dCI 4x2 to Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan in Johannesburg for them to replace a radiator water bottle which was leaking. On the 13/08/2018 they advised me to leave my car with them so that they will order and replace the radiator water bottle. They gave me a blank form to sign and I assumed the form was for leaving my car with them.
On the 14/08/2018 they called me to inform me that they will run a diagnostics of the whole car before replacing the water bottle. Then they came back to me saying they can’t see the real problem with the car while I told them to replace the water battle.

They refused to replace the water bottle before stripping the engine and I told them that there is nothing wrong with the engine and there was no warning lights on the Odometer, no noise from the engine, no smoke and my car was moving fine. After they have stripped the engine they told me that my engine has seized and my car was fine before they stripped the engine. The only problem I knew my car had was the water bottle that was leaking and that’s why I took my car to Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan.

Then they told me that they have a new engine for Nissan Navara but it is very expensive or they can get me a second hand engine which will be much cheaper and they will fit it in for me. I then went to Nissan in Centurion to enquire about a new engine and they told me that the Navara 2.5 dCI 4x2 2008 engine has been discontinued but Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan says they have the engine. Nissan Centurion advised me to get a quotation from Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan so that they can see what is happening. Nissan Centurion discovered that the part no. NI101025X00A is for a Pathfinder and this is where I became suspicious.

On the 28/09/2018 Siziwe Khanyile service advisor informed me that they have to invoice me for stripping the engine but my car was not fixed and at the same time the engine is dismantled but I have to pay and they also added that if I want the engine to be assembled I will have to pay again but there will be no guaranty that my car will function. What kind of service is this where I brought my car in one piece then they told me to collect my car without the engine installed. I really got pissed with Siziwe then she transferred my call to Sean Govender service manager who was also not helpful at all, he just said I must come collect my car as it is meaning without the engine being installed and he was very RUDE and unfriendly to me.

I decided to call Nissan South Africa on the 01/09/2018 to intervene and I spoke to Matthew Pitjeng and he said they will investigate. Matthew called me back after the investigation and he said it looks like I gave permission to Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan to strip the engine and I also signed. The only document I signed was when I brought my to Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan on the 13/08/2018 and I signed a blank document that did not say anything about stripping the engine, then Matthew made a conference call between me, Siziwe and Matthew and Siziwe was very Rude and ended up hanging the phone. Then Matthew advised me to collect my car and he assured me that there wont be any charge or payments.

On the 19/10/2018 I went to Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan to collect my car with a tow truck and I was informed to pay R9 200 for stripping the engine and if I want them to assemble the engine there will be a fee for that. They refuse to give me my car before paying R9 200 then I spoke to Karin Woods branch manager together with Siziwe and Sean to find a solution. Karin was also not helpful at all but she sided with Sean and Siziwe and they also told me that they will charge me R500 daily for storage starting from 18/10/2018 of which I was at their office on the 19/10/2018 and they said i can go to Ombudsman if I wish too. Then I requested all the documents from them and All of a sudden the form that I signed on the 13/08/2018 which was blank had now a figure of R920.00 specifically for stripping the engine but the invoice says I must pay R9 200 and when I looked closely at the documents that they provided I saw a lot of discrepancy and now I just want my car back in one piece so that I can sell the Navara I will never buy a Nissan ever again and I will never recommend anyone to do so especially from Bidvest McCarthy End Street Nissan because they are mafia’s and there is no honesty in them.

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