Tsepo Themba Complaints - bad service from the doctors

I find the service not friendly the gynecologist I was given took his time before he came and see me .he had to be called again to be reminded that am waiting for him .he asked the sisters to proceed with the dose before he saw me or came an explain what was going on .I had to ask the sisters and each time I ask one will refed me to the other ,then finally I saw Dr opai who is rude cause you ask questions he doesn't answer in a friendly manner and then tell me that he doesn't wake up at two for a patient when I explained how I felt and wanted to know what is a miscarriage n if it is why don’t I have a heavy flow I only had dots as if its periods .he actually told me that I can go back home if I want then wait for a heavy flow n come back but if its midnight he won’t wake up .he then told me that my doctor dr anyatei will come and take me to theater . I was very disappointing and when I asked dr opai if what made me lose the pregnancy has an effect he told me he is spiritualist he only see what happens today not in the future.please tell me if this is what we as patient need to pay for.

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