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Your reference number is SM167561.

Good day
I am so annoyed and frustrated with Telkom with bad services.
In the beginning of December 2017 Telkom cable be stolen in our area Eldorado Park et 3
So we had no service at all. I was on a packaged deal with Telkom on ASDL for data and free after hour and weekend calls.
When the cable was stolen, we did not have any services for the line. I reported it to Telkom and in replied they told me that the cable has been stolen and that they are working on it.
Backwards and forward calling Telkom asking what is happening with the faulty line. Telkom eventually tells me, that they would not be replacing the cable because too much cable has been stolen in our area.
Then they gave me an option to go wireless for the same deal I had. When speaking to the sales department the sale department said that I could not get the same deal on wireless. Moreover, it turns out that it would have been more expensive.
I was told that this will change and I will get same deal or better with fibre and I must just wait.
In the meantime, they were billing me for a line that was not working at all. I reported again to Telkom. Then was told that I should ignore the Bill and that once I made a decision on which package deal I choose the cost will be credited back.
I then decided to go the Fibre route and told them that our area according to Telkom survey our area qualifies to have Fibre.
Nevertheless, when I choose the package deal on fibre, this time I am told that not enough people in my area has requested for fibre and therefore I cannot get that packaged. They told me they will call me back with a solution but this too did not happen.
I was doing all the calling backwards and forward to Telkom and going into the Telkom stores for a solution. However, they would give me a different story, every time I spoken to the call centre, stores or billing department, it is a different story. None the same,
I logged a dispute before more the once, whiles my line was investigated but Telkom still send me a notification that my line has been suspended. Again, I called and asked how Telkom suspends a line that is under investigation or on dispute. Then I was told they would retract the suspension on the line and get back to me. In the meantime, Telkom suggested to me that I could cancel the line if I do not want it anymore. And that they will credit the cost on the line. As it is I do not owe Telkom anything because of the line been out of order since December.
I have than cancelled the line yet Telkom is still billing me. I have called the billing department a few times, telling them about been billed where I should not been.
However, as always Telkom just do not seem to get it right with all the different stories and billing. Again, the billing department says they will log a dispute.
After that on 9th April, they send me another account due. This annoyed me so much, I called the billing department again now I been told the dispute has been rejected. This is so frustrating I just do not have the energy for Telkom and its becoming draining.
Again, another dispute is logged
I sincerely hope that this does not go on my CREDIT Record, AS I DO NOT OWE TELKOM ANY MONEY.
It seems that Telkom wants to bill unnecessary and delaying matters by changing their story to increase their billing with interest,
Why can’t they just sort a simple thing out their line is faulty, a fault on Telkom side. They said there are not going to fix the line. They cannot give me the same or equivalent to what I had. I have followed there procures. Cancelled the line. What more do they want but just to not bill me unnecessary.
As is if we do not adhere to a contract enter with Telkom that will send all legal letters and demands to pay. However, if Telkom breaks the contract on their side, there seems to past that bug over to the client and simply put the customer through frustration with a fault on their part.
I seriously need this to be sorted out. I DO NOT OWE TELKOM ANY MONEY!!!

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