OSIRIS Tech pty ltd Complaints - BAD service and non delivery on promise

I needed an electrical gate at the entrance of my property and I accepted the suggestion of this company rep and "owner" of this company called JP. His suggestion and promise was of a fantastic sectional electrical gate that would operate on a 30deg gradient. He was full of promises that he has done 12 of these gates before, and even shared with me videos of 3 gates that he has done. I also requested 2 day night lights at the entrance of my property that would permanently be on during night time. I did inform him that he needed to use my existing gate for the project and he had no issue with this. He quoted me and after deliberation we agreed on a price of R22000 that I had to pay 100% in advance. Which I did. He said the job would take 3 days which ended up taking more than 3 weeks.It never worked for a full 24 hours without going off the track. The lights he installed were motion detection and not day night as I requested, and his response on that was that the packaging must have been incorrect.I complained throughout about the workmanship that included sloppy painting, extremely bad welding , misalignment of the panels, messed paint on my backing wall. He always promised to fix everything, but he didn't. Every day he had a different story and excuse. He then also started blaming the old gate for the bad workmanship. To which I responded that the old gate has nothing to do with the gate that he designed that is obviously not working in the first place. He could not get the gate to operate in the promised 3 days.It took a week just for the cement to dry, the same cement is already broken up in pieces around the track currently. He took more that 2 weeks to get the gate to work, which it never did for a period of 24 hours. It came off the track , or stopped completely and we had to put it back on manual every time. When after completion he had to come back and spend another day trying to fix the gate it came off the rail again and when it went off again after 1 hour when he has left, I was quite fed up and I ended up asking him what is plan b as this gate does not seem to will ever be working. His response was that he did not know what more to do. To which I responded that he must then please pay me back my money as he did not deliver the promise that I paid for. I now was worse off than I was before he even started with my gate. I told him to take off the money for the gate motor as that at least worked, he could come and fetch the lights that he installed that I did not want in the first place and refund me with the rest. He did not even try to put an offer on the table in order to redeem himself. Now I am sitting with a gate that is nothing more than scrap metal and still manual , after paying this contractor the full amount of R22 000. Pieces of this gate has started to break off as well and I am worried that the entire structure will fall over at any moment. I had to pay for this very expensive lesson. Never ever pay the full amount beforehand. I must now build new gate, install it and repaint my entire wall. All I have to show for R22000 is a gate motor and a gate that now only counts as scrap metal. Experts told me that the motor he installed is also not appropriate for a sectional gate. Please do not use this contractor. He is very well spoken and confident just to get your money, but a con artist that doesnot even know how to spell properly. Don't be fooled and caught out like I was.

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