Intellicell Complaints - Bad service & robbing clients

I made call to Intellicell mid Jan for a cell phone contract,I statyed a month without knowing if my application was successfull or not as there was no comunication whatsoever from them. A few days in Feb got calls from them advising of dispatch on the devise & they had an incorrect address for the dilivery.How I wish could've cancelled the damn contract on that day, on the 5th Feb I received the device,I had a new number was not ported as promised then an sms that a d/o will run in 48 hrs,what the hell where was I supposed to get that money when my salary was paid 25th Jan.On the same day I sent them a mail with my dissatisfaction on this Ref 176827 mind you I have never even used the phone:Kindly note that I have received the cell phone and sim card, I have just been getting smses that my account will be debited in 48 hours which I don't understand how and that my number is 0664724594. I believe that your calls are recorded, so would like for you to go back to that recording and hear that I asked and Buhle said it will be possible but delivery will take longer than the 5-7 days. I then requested for my number 079 146 7069 which is a Vodacom number however had ported to Cell C be ported back to Vodacom and since she said it will be possible I requested to keep my number and be ported back. May I ask that this be corrected or have the devise back', to date never received anything from them I called on the 14 to put in a cancellation was told bout a 10% cancellation fee of R603 which had said will pay end of the month but a d/o went of,I called again enquiring when will they have their device collected was told it'll only be done after the payment. In March again a d/o went off for R189 which I cannot even reverse to them,then today because have changed accounts they could not run a d/o they calling to say they couldnt collect,now my issue is how do you run a d/o on a service you already have received a request for cancellation on. In other words I would be paying them twice for a service not rendered and I had notified them of on the same day I received their device,and their consultants lie then change what they saying and what you saying. Intellicell, you have debited my account twice for R189 which amounts to R378 from the R603 my balance is now R225 then please get your courrier company come collect your device,please...

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mks.Sept ( on 09/05/18 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

I m also waiting for the cellphone as promised ,I'm cancell the contract and their cellphone as well1

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