City 2 City Complaints - Bad service and rude drivers

We booked our tickets and paid over R2000 for myself (who is 5 and a half months pregnant) my sister and 4 children ages between 9 and 5.we arrived atleast @ 10h15 and waited for the bus registration number YWK 069 GP.our ticket number is arrived at 10h45 round about and all passengers checked in. please note bus was suppose to leave @ 11h00. we were still at the bus terminal at 11h15 where we were told that due to the fact that the aircon of the bus was not working we going to the bus depo for another bus.My question is dont City 2 City service their busses before hand and didnt the busdrivers feel that the aircon was not workin before coming to the terminal. upon arriving at the depo we had to sit and wait in the bus for technicians to fix the aircon and was not transferred to the other bus with the aircon thats workin.Fianlly the aircons was aparently workin and we left the depo at round about 12h10. we rode to Worcester and as soon as we left Worcester the aircon did not work anymore.We stopped for a couple of minutes on the side of the road for no apparent reason. When we arrived at Beaufort West myself who is 5 and a half months pregnant and all 4 children including all the children that was on the bus had to use the bathroom and was rudely informed we not stoping for toilet breaks and should get back into the bus. after much argument they told me rudely that the children should pee on the side of the bus never mind me that cant do that. as we got back into the bus we rode to 3Sisters where we stopped and we ordered some food and used the bath room. the busdrivers cut the bathroom period cos according to him they running on lost time and as me and my sisters 2 children went to fetch the food and come from the bathroom the bus left us. luckily my sister was still on the bus and she stopped them.where the drivers responce was that I'm not even running. My sister asked him should a pregnant woman run. His reply was that we not the only passengers on the bus. Again she asked should a pregnant lady run and when i got on the bus his remark was that they trying to make up time. my responce was its not my fault that they running late. they didnt play any movies for the kids instead they played doef doef music and there was old people also on the bus. my feet was swollen like watermellons and then they still expected my to run. the bus drivers was inconsiderate and rude and they made their problems ours as passengers. ya all know how xpensive bustickets are this time of the year and we chose city 2 city cos we heard that its such a nice bus to travel with. i will never make that mistake again and will advice all my friends collugues and aquintances to reconsider takin that bus cos of the service towards woman and children. and a pregnant woman for that matter.

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