Fair Price Complaints - Bad service and Rude sales lady

i have lay-bye a Hisense Tv 49 inch and Megan TV Unit, i went the to pay the balance and collect my TV and Unit only to be told that the TV and Unit the saleslady then show went to show me a LG TV without telling me why and when i ask why she is showing me that Tv when i already brought one she told me i must take that tv as my Tv is discontinued. which i asked her why i they waited for me to collect it and not call me as they have my number she got upset and impatient. then i told her that i will pay for only the Unit which she showed me an old unit and told me that is what i paid for at the moment im so upset and other sales guy came to explain to me that the sales lady make a mistake when writing the product Code as i keep showing them the unit that i have brought and this lady is trying to force it on me. I'm so disappointed that i will never go to any fair price again and i will tell whoever i know not to buy from there again. And this is not the first time this lady does something like this she was beaten at the store because of her rudeness.

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