Blaauws Worldwide Transport and General Services(Pty) Ltd. Complaints - Bad service and unhappy customer

Account of my business being closed due to documents needed by the bank that I sent the banker almost 2weeks ago, now 2 days before money must go into my account as normally for the past 2years she the banker telephonically told men after I phoned her the papers she send me are to be done inside the bank, and she will only be able to do it on the 5th December 2017. After the email state sign and email back to me. The services given to my business by the ABSA Uitenhage branch and banker Ashlynn Schambrill is very bad. First time was 1 year ago the bank could not even give me car finance same Uitenhage branch, Nedbank Uitenhage over the street give it to me and I am still happy. My business I build with my own money the only thing I do is to bank with ABSA. Why I don't know.
My contact details is 0640934267/0731868664.

If this mess is not sorted today as money will go into my account today and workers are to be payed tomorrow I will move my business account to another bank as I can see ABSA don't care about small business as it say all these years.

NB.If I was a white business man she would treat me different but because of being black and in business thus happen, it has always been the problem of the ABSA Uitenhage branch for years!!!

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