Pep Stor @President Hyper Sharpeville Complaints - Bad services

I went to pep-store at President Hyper in Sharpeville where I experienced such a terrible services by one of the cashier with no name tag(its a lady chubby and dark in complexation)me and my wife we bought some items and there was 1per of tekies and 1per boots sleepers)and both were last per's on floor and they didn't have price tags on, and we wanted them so badly so what happened is the lady told us she cannot help us with those shoes because they don't have price tag and the person that's working with shoes wasnt available then she said we can leave the shoes with her and come back on Monday or Tuesday because it was Saturday 1st June 2019 when this happened and then I asked her very well if she is not going to need my details she said no.then I went back on Monday 3rd June 2019 I went to the very same lady I asked her about the shoes she said I should go back to floor and check if they are not there and I did that as I turned my back she loughs with her colleague only to find they no longer there then I went back to tell her I couldn't find then she says then we can't help you with a bad attitude so I just left with a very brutal sad heart no shoes I was very hurt with such treatment that turned me into a joke wasted my time going back there,so if that's how they going to treat us then I won't buy there anymore coss I normally buy clothes for my baby girl at pep so after this I'm done with you guys

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