Legae Mediclinic Complaints - Bad servie

on the 30th December I took my husband to Legae and they took blood test to check. we were told the result will be back in a hour time but it took 45mnts for the lab to clloect the blood samples of which it was fine. but the time the results came back we waiting for whoever to come and tell us the results but no one came until I stood up ask the nurse and she told me the only person who do that is the doctor and they phoned her she said she is still bathing will come as soon as she is done. the next thing when she came back she told us to come back on Wednesday for the other results. we went there on Wednesday and were told the results not ready they will call us of which no one did until I send a complain to me but to my surprise instead of getting a call from them for the result they send my husband an sms telling him he owes the hospital money. Funny enough before the complain no one bothered to call us to tell us about the money and I am like asking myself how do u pay a doctor who left us unattended to bath. I even fill the complain form that day of which I believe they through away the minute I walk out of the hospital. Shame guys Legae has fallen down all the nice treatment and ubunti gone

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