Afrihost Complaints - Bad TCF-no service, faulty unit

From my initial sign up I have not been treated fairly, starting with the delivery of the Router, before delivery an agent (Lupido I think) advised me I need to have my Rica documents ready, I explained that I do not have anything with proof of residence and as I have moved my bank statement is not updated and advised that I have an Affidavit, He informed me this will be fine, a week later when the couriers arrived at my workplace they would not hand over the device, I called the call centre and was informed that I was given the wrong information an affidavit will not be accepted. I escalated that matter to the call centre supervisor Tulani, requesting that I want to hear the recording where I was informed of the above, because had I been given the correct information, I would have had a week to make a plan for proof of residence. To date he has done nothing.
The couriers were very helpful in this regard and accepted my bank statement.
Upon receiving the device the unit has not worked, we have corresponded with Afrihost on the 12th, 14th, 20th, 21st 22nd 26th and today the 27th of March regarding the issue, I have spoken to Regina and Tanusha initially who advised they will get back to us and never did, eventually I dealt with Marius who promised he will have the matter resolved and will upgrade us to another unit, to date I have had no correspondence or updates regarding the matter, The dates above are all where I have contacted afrihost but on neither of those dates have any agent contacted us back as promised.
Yesterday two emails were sent to Marius, I have had no response, I also called and was advised he will call back, which he did not, This morning I called at 8 am to cancel but I want to speak with Marius first to enquire what the status of the complaint was and make a final decision from there, I was sent from pillar to post via Pienkie, Lebongang and numerous other agents I asked to speak with someone in charge and no one would help me. I was informed I will be called back by Marius, due to not believing empty promises I insisted to stay on the line, 30 minutes later I was still on the line waiting to hear from him, during that time I lost a client by my shop as I was stuck on the phone. Needless to say I never got hold of him.
In the meantime my pro-rata was deducted and I have had no use from my device and am due to be billed again this week.
The service had been horrible from the start, your staffs are not adhering to TCF standards, I have not been treated fairly. The sms that are sent for rating services essentially means nothing as nothing comes from it.
Due to this experience I wish to cancel this subscription, all funds are to be refunded to me and please arrange for the Router to be collected from place of delivery.
I was hoping that this morning my trust would have been restored but it just reaffirmed that I do not want to deal with this company any further.

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