baragwanath hospital Complaints - bad treatment

I was a patient at maternity section, ward 63. Nurses they are not attending to patients when they need help with something and they are busy taking of the patients food for themselves. When ladies are asking for bedding and gowns, they are told theres nothing but we could see there was in the store room. After a patient complained to a cleaner who was screaming and talking,that she came from operation and needed rest, the cleaner told her you must go sleep at home this is not a private hospital. Her other cleaner friends took her part. The cleaner told the patient " i dont care if you sick , come here i will show you what i do to you". The nurses are just sitting and talking stories ,than when a patient asks for something, they are told , why must you come disturb people who are busy talking. Patients who talk back are threatened by nurses " i will get you in labour ward,by suffocating your baby".why cant they install cameras in the wards? In that way they can monitor and patients will be treated with the respect and care they deserve.

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