On the 28 July my partner and I went to watch the 17:30 show for Mission Impossible: Fallout in 3D. I purchased two tickets, glasses and also beverages and popcorn for both of us. This cost me R291 in total.
We stood in the row for the beverages and popcorn at 17:10, and the waiting began.
We waited in long rows, everyone was getting very upset as there was only one person that was working behind the counter to give all those people their orders.
It is a Saturday evening, surely there should have been more staff working to help us as customers.
Eventually after 30 minutes of waiting, we were at the front of the row. There was a young man that was asked to assist and he then proceeded to take our slip with our order- clearly stated on there what we paid for. He then told us after going to the back for 5 minutes, that there was no coke zero we have to take something else. My partner is a diabetic so he can only drink coke zero. We asked him if he cannot please help to get coke zero as we paid for that and oredered that. He left again for 5 minutes and returned and told us we need to take something else. No apologies at all.
Out of desperation we told him to give us red slushies, he then went to the back again for 5 minutes and returned with more syrup and told us he has to make new red slushies, we told him that right behind him on the other side was a full red slush machine? He pretended not to see that and he laughed and asked us if we wanted lime slush instead, or blue slush..he was basically being spiteful to us.
After I told him that we are missing our movie by now, and that I will be complaining about his bad service and treatment of us, he then proceeded to look around for a popcorn box for another 5 minutes and after we told him to just give the popcorn and sweets he then handed me the milkbottle sweets and told me that I had ordered that. I told him that I clearly ordered m&m's as it was stated on my receipt in front of him. All in all it took him about 15 minutes to get our order wrong...all whilst he was being very spiteful in taking his time and wasting our time and money.
He just laughed at us when everyone behind us was shouting at him to hurry up as well, he clearly did not care at all about how the waiting was making us miss our very expensive movie.
We decided that we will NEVER again go to the Ster Kinekor in Matlosana mall, as we were poorly treated by a member of their staff that does not care.
We will from now on go and spend our money elsewhere, or drive to Potchefstroom if we want to watch a movie.
Ster Kinekor might want to start employing people who actually care about how they treat customers, and the attitude of their current employees.

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