Healing Hands International Complaints - BE WARNED!!!

I phoned Yolandi, and asked her if I study through you will i be a counselor. She replied YES...and told me on their certification it says councelor. Great, so i paid the R 16000 for the Open Access plan they have thinking i'll do some Child Psychology amongst a few others too. Oh they were very very helpful indeed and so friendly. Until I was meant to write my exam and Yolandi phoned me a day before the exam to tell me that the landlord in Blairgowrie did not inform them that he had fumigated the office therefor I could not write, so i was given 2 choices. I could drive to Centurion (i don't have a car) or they can email me the exam and I have to do an affidavit saying it's MY work. Sooo, you know the more i though about it the more restless and unhappy i started getting, a couple hours later i sent Elle/Elsabe an email telling her of my concern and that I would like to not carry on with my studies, any person can do a affidavit and lie through their teeth. I was also informed that We had to go to the branch to write our exams, now i find out a month later that they allow people who live too far to drive in to write from home and only give them a affidavit.

I even went as far as to tell her not to refund me the WHOLE amount only for the one course, and that they could keep the R 200 examination fee. She replied back saying that only those who have studied will be able to pass the exam, Herewith her reply : Case studies are required for most courses to ensure that the student has studied. If a student fails their case studies, then they fail the course. We also require an affidavit stating that the student’s exams is his / her own work, and has not been copied from any source. A student who has not studied will definitely not pass the case studies, therefore I can assure you that there is no need for concern. Also, a student must return the exam within 2 hours after we sent it, and the affidavit within 24 hours.


She refuses to refund me and tells me that i had to ask for a refund within 14 days, i only found out a day before i wrote my exam that they allowed 'CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS' to write from home. They were not up front about their conduct. I also found out they are not accredited (why offer courses when you are NOT accredited????

I sent her an email about the consumer act laws, which she brushed off and replied to 'FORTUNATELY THIS DOES NOT APPLY IN THIS CASE'

Wow if that is ever arrogance??? I was hoping to start a career to help people, to earn a bit of money since I don't work, and now i find out they aren't accredited and they allow people to write from home which makes me wonder about the other students integrity, why should i study hard when another student can obviously write from home and not be honest about it?

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