Sonic Telecoms Cape Town 5 Marconi Rd, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441 Complaints - Being defaulted after no reply and extremely poor service

Used to be with this company for some time and switched to another ISP due to bad service and non existent line speeds. I got a letter from Sonic Telecoms Accounts Department regarding the outstanding amount (1 month) to which I immediately replied with the reasons as to why I am NOT going to pay that installment, I however NEVER received any form of reply in any way. This has always been the case whether it had to do with service delivery or any other query so I am really not surprised...

During the period I was with Sonic Telecoms (especially the last 3 months), I constantly had very slow or no connectivity and being in the production and marketing sector this was totally unacceptable. Paying R899 per month for a 5mb line which ran slower than the 1mb line I switched to with another company and being told that when you finally get hold of someone that they will send somebody when in the area and then would also charge a callout fee from Cape Town but cannot guarantee that the problem will be resolved... For 2 months I had ongoing issues with being completely without internet so that not even my Google home page would load. This was utterly frustrating and thus forced me to move to a decent service provider and have never looked back since. Without contacting me or even replying to my email they handed the case over to their lawyers and I simply received a letter saying that I have been listed as a defaulter... Probably one of the worst companies I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with.

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