S.A.Kondhand Tyre Guyz Complaints - Beware Beware!!!!!!

BEWARE BEWARE!! for FAIZEL from the S.A.Kondhand Tyre Guyz aka Second Hand Tyre Guyz in Ottery Bought 4 tyres 80% tread and inspected them; all good. Took very very long for they don't have a bridge and fitting is done on the street. I discovered that they fitted one tyre with a smaller size at the front and they replaced it. After one hour driving I stopped and discovered that the right back tyre was almost flat and there were 2 huge bubbles on the outside of the tyre. Went immediately to a tyre dealer. They showed that the inside of the tyre had an old damage and the steel wires were rusty done by damaging the tyre in that time they took it from another car. This damage was very dangerous for me and others to drive any further with. Went back to Faisel, the owner.According to him it was my fault for I went through a pothole. If so than the tyre outside would be damaged/scratched and the exposed steel wires would be without rust and fresh. Saying this Faisel became upset and talked with a raised voice. Faisel refused to refund me the price for the damaged tyre. They had fitted another tyre than I had seen and inspected. There could have happened a deadly accident during my drive back. Checking afterwards this ordeal at Engen the tyre pressure was 3.5Bar instead of the 2.2 Bar I requested. That is why the damaged tyre would last for an hours drive. Will make a case of fraud and more. Here pictures of the damaged tyre taken 1 hour after they were fitted.

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