Telkom Complaints - Billing for line non installed

I had a Telkom agent call me to offer me a better deal on an adsl line and uncapped internet.I informed them I had one but the acc was on my sons name. They said the number and everything else will remain at a lower subscription.The only thing will change is the acc holders name and bank details. Then no line was installed and I was billed for both. I called numerous times and then an agent called and a supervisor to confirm the cancellation. they asked me to fill a form and send through. On the 07/11/2017 I even rec a receipt that they rec the cancellation form.In the first week of Jan I rec an SMS with an amt owing .I called and they logged it case 22240517 on the 10th case 22218730.I went to Telkom to apply for two note 8 contracts and was declined as the ITC report had me owing Telkom.I called and was told it will take 5 days . On the 5th day they say 7 to 14 days.I was then told to pay and wait for the case to close. I did on 10Jan. Now waiting for them to approve as I applied in KZN and going back to JHB on Sat.I need issue resolved asap. The service in Telkom is pathetic. contact me 0837929630

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