Vodacom Complaints - Black Listed me unfairly....

I was a customer for Vodacom for so many years on top up contract in 2017 I upgraded my contract as usual.to my surprise Vodacom delivered open contract and rebutted immediately by telling Vodacom to fetch their phone and put me in the correct contract plan.The consulted humbly asked me to to allow 6 months deduction on open plan contract then Vodacom will migrate me to top up contract without any FINACIAL implications... In October 2017 I approach vodacom to keep its promise of migration... Vodacom was very reluctant to do that ,I reminded them that they made a promise to migrate me without any financial connotation ...it was a struggle until Vodacom agreed. January 2018 was migrated of which I was happy... Then Vodacom asked me to pay R5000 migration fee and I refused because initially I did not want an open contract and Vodacom forcefully and unlawfully imposed on me... Now they wanted me to pay this hefty fee and I could not afford it and I did not even invited for this problem.during that time I was faced by divorce costs... I continued paying R500 that was due on a monthly basis and communicated with Vodacom and hips and hips of letters were sent to Vodacom but NO HELP AT ALL...Vodocom started to soft lock my phone demanding this R5000 and all their consultants would tell me that they will investigate...then finally Vodacom cancelled the contract unlawfully based on the malicious intention of taking R5000 from the poor


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