BMW Sandton Complaints - BMW Sandton - terrible service

I took my car to BMW Sandton for service after a light came on stating that there is issues with the ABS.

At the end of the service I had to play R4600 for “rat damage” to wires in my car, where they could never proof that there was actual rat damage to the wires. On top of that they said that there is parts in the car that needs to be replaced but that the motor plan doesn’t cover it. I bought this car 4 months ago and it’s still under warranty. I drove away R4600 later with the same light / issues that was there before.

The service as terrible, I had to phone every day to find out what the progress is without getting a real answer.

I took the car to BMW Clearwater instead. They fixed the issue under the motor plan and gave me regular updated during the day. The staff was helpful and friendly.

This is unacceptable from BMW Sandton and I would like my money back for not fixing the problem and making me pay for it while a different dealership fixed it all under the warranty.

Very disappointed BMW owner.

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