Kimberley Ann Boutique Hotel Complaints - Booking Cancellation

In July I booked 5 rooms for the 10th-12th of January 2019 and on the 6th of August I sent the Cr card to guarantee the booking and received a confirmation email that all is in order they are looking forward to host my clients , yesterday I called to check if all is in order and I can get one more room , the gentlemen that answered the phone could find my reservation and promised to call me back and didn't , I sent emails no one responded when I called today and still I was told they will get back to me and they email the attached letter claiming the Anc wanted to book and instructed them to cancel our booking , so they cancel my booking knowing that Kimberley is full on that period and what must I tell my clients ? I am not happy with the treatment I received from the so called manager she hang up while I was still talking to her , I want this sorted out because my booking was guaranteed
there is no way the Anc can demand they they cancel their guaranteed booking

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