Messaris Complaints - Broken tooth and still no response

I bought a packets of peanuts and raisins from shoprite plumstead on the 26th September, that night while watch tv myself and my 6 year old son were eating out the packet.

I threw some in my hands and tossed it in my mouth and when I bit down I got this hard thing and some pain. I spat it out and noticed that I had bitten on a "mielie pip" and this had broken my tooth.

I phoned the toll free number how many times and spoke to Barney regarding this.

He told me a sales rep would come out and collect the packet and I am still waiting for that, I have been told the sales rep was there even though my gran who lives with us never saw anyone.

I am very disappointed in their lack of client service, considering the client buying their products and being happy is what makes them money at the end of the day

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