Carget Complaints - Cancelation of contarct

Hello Peter, I applied for a rent to own option with car get in December 2018, last year, this vehicle was is a rent to own contract that I have with car get, I have had the car in my position for only 4 months, when the vehicle engine hit pistons and the valves was broken, I phoned the company from where I got the vehicle and they advised me to phone car get, I phoned car get explained to them my problem and they advised me to contact the insurances company with who they deal in matters of car insurance, I explained to them what happened, then advised me I can take the car to any dealership or auto repairs shop, the will send a assessor and asses the damage on the vehicle, I arranged with Volo in Krugersdorp and they picked up the vehicle, week went past no phone call form the dealership or from the insurance company, I phoned Volvo and they explained to me that they are still busy to investigate the damage on the motor, I phoned the Insurance company, the informed me via mail they need documentation of the cars millage before our car and after, I explained to the relative person that I do not have that documentation with me ad the car dealership have this with them, another week went past no phone call or update on the progress of the car, I phoned again Volvo, they explained that they can only replace the motor with a new or second hand motor, I explained that we can replace the motor with a second hand motor, then advised me that if there is any additional cost involved that I will be held lay bale for this, I honed the insurance company again and informed them of the news received form Volvo, then advised me that they only cover R25,000 on the damage of the engine any additional cot will be held against me, On my purchase contact with car get, it stipulates that the first 6 month any cost on the vehicle will be aid for by the insurance company any after the 6 moths will be held responsible by the Bayer, I only had the car in my position for 4 moths, its been 2 moths an my vehicle is still at Volvo I have not yet received any feedback from anyone, I want to cancel my contract with car get, they can take the car back, but the reply I get is that I'm still responsible for the monthly payment on the car, please can you assist on nay advise on this matter, kind regards Nardus

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