Debtbusters Complaints - Canceled services yet they sending me letters that they have suspended my service becasue i don't pay

I requested services of Debtbusters in 2016 and after some time pay them R4500 a month I realized that my debts were not being reduced as promised and then cancelled it.

I sent them many emails requiting to cancel their services because I am not getting what they promised me. They never reply and I took a decision to stop paying them. I started arrangements to pay my debtors direct as I am now working and can afford to service my debts and they now delayed to cancel my deal with them and threaten to not remove me as their client under creditors.

Is this the fair practice considering what they promised me was never delivered and I was paying them lot of money and my debts are not being reduced. I cancelled their services because I was not happy with what I was get vs what I was promised.

I received a letter saying they are suspending my services yet I am the one who cancelled because of the bed service and my account were contacting direct complaining that I am paying let amounts and when I contact Debtbusters they never assisted until I opted to cancel and pay my debts direct.

I am now under credit bearer and listed as under debts review even yet I have cancel their services because of not delivering what they have promised.

Please help me.

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