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My name is Lucy Mphuthi I one of the innovation client who is having a top up insurance with innovation group. Last year on the 15th of December I was involved in a car accident whereby my car was declared as a write off that's when I claimed with my vehicle insurance which is auto and general. My insurance paid the market value of the vihicle whereby I had a shortfall. That's when I decided to call the other insurance which is Trafficc insurance to pay for my shortfall. The respond that I got from trafficc insurance is that I have to cancel my service plan insurance with innovation group before they can pay for the shortfall amount. On the 26th January 2018 I called innovation group for the cancellation. I was assisted by one of your consultant by the name of Lucky Lengwati, then he told me that he has escalated the matter nor send the cancellation and that to wait for 21 working days which has passed on the 26th february 2018. I tried calling Lucky Lengwati several times the following day after the date that was given to me by him passed he was nowhere to be found until today. I called again days and week after no one was willing to assist me the only thing that I got was different stories from different consultants. I am not happy about your service at all which gonna lead me to take further actions against innovation group. Your service is bad, stinks, pathetic and unprofessional you guys don't have a customer service.I want to be contacted and my complain to be resolve as soon as possible because I'm sick of all the lies I get from innovation.

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