mtn Complaints - cancelled contract with mtn yet was billed and given over to debt collectors

I had a contract with mtn for years .after years of bad service and ignorance from mtn I cancelled the two contracts I had . I was at the n1 city goodwood branch of mtn where the contracts was cancelled by me by phoning the 808 nr givin to me by the staff at the time . my 078 cell nr was cancelled by phone and no ref nr was givin to me .the second contract expired and I once again went to the same branch where I phoned the 808 nr to have it cancelled and no ref nr was given to me . I broke up the last contract sim and never used it again. I was always billed by debit order in the past and I was never billed again .out of the blue I started getting bills for the last contract I cancelled by phone .no debit order was done like in the years past. I had complaint on numerous occasions that the contract was cancelled to no avail even after I had sent mails to mtn customer care service. they ignored me and handed me over to debt collectors instead who is harassing me day and night for a contract that I cancelled by phone . I went back to the sales person by the name of miss Visagie who had helped me at the time . she had sent internal mails to the main branch to confirm that I had cancelled my contract there by here ,Im still waiting on feed back weeks after I went to her ,I fed up and sick of mtn arrogance in ignoring my pleas and instead let debt collectors harris me for a contract that I cancelled
please assist in dealing with this matter as I have correspondence from miss visagie that she too tried to rectify the matter and still wait on a answer the nr in question is 071 883 5742 . I never used it again as I broke up the sim card the very same day

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