Private Complaints - Car damaged by dealer

It was on 05 November 2019 when my Audi A3 1.0T FSI Stronic (30 TFSI), Registration number HL 66 ZG GP gave a warning message that “Battery is not charging.
On 06 November 2019 on my way to Audi Centre Menlyn the car slowed down and cut out whilst in motion. I was picked up by First-Help Towing services. Please find delivery note dated 06/11/2019 as an inspection done by First-Help handing over the vehicle to Audi Menlyn.
Audi Menlyn centre also made their inspection when the car was off-loaded. Find the diagnostic report done by Audi with a mileage of 59000km dated 07/11/2019.I was later that day informed that the car will be kept for three weeks as they need to replace the Battery and Alternator.
I patiently waited for their call to inform me that my car was ready to be collected. On the 27/11/2019 around 15h00 I was called by the Service Advisor to say I must come immediately to come and collect my vehicle as it was ready. It was already late for me at that time and I went to Audi the following morning at 10h00.
My car was parked outside the customers parking lot. I was given my car keys around 12h00. No exit inspection was done whatsoever. When I arrived at my car it was very dirty. The car had traces of mixed cement spillage. I then took my time and made self-inspection. The front Windshield had two visible long cracks of about +_ 90 cm and multiple chips all over the screen which were not there when I brought my car. The engine cover was also missing. (please see pictures) and not even cleaned.
I complained to the Manager and wrote an email to the Dealer Principal who then told me that they will investigate and give me the solution. I was then told that my car’s windscreen got damaged when it was off-loaded from the towing truck which is not true as they themselves made an inspection of the car when they received the car. They failed to present the inspection report to me for evidence.
The service manager Vimal Bridglall later told me that he have discussed this with management and that the windscreen will definitely need replacement , and they are willing to go 50/50 with me on the replacement of the windscreen. He was just arrogant, non apologetic and unprofessional and told me to just take my car as there was nothing he can do. See attached quote for windscreen removed+reinstalled.
I am aggrieved that I was handled like a nobody and my customer rights were verbally violated by the so called manager and his subordinate. After all my frustrations and I had to drive off around 16h30 without any help.The current mileage on the car is 66610km. I need an explanation and somebody has to account for 7610km driven on my car. It is apparent that somebody was negligent with my car. You cannot travel these kilometres testing a car. Up to this time the dealer principal has not called me just to do a follow up call. Audi promised to exercise due care in looking after my vehicle but my experience was the opposite. This is not acceptable at all. From where I stand I expect my car to be given to me in the same condition it was before I brought it to your workshop.

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