Iwyze Complaints - Car insurance claim

My brother was involve in a car accident on the 03/04/2016.Iwyze playing hide and sick with him trying to disapprove the claim.Mr Danken Ngcono the investigator of the matter said early the car wasn't driven by owner and the car is used as taxi of which all of these accusation were invalid .Then he sent the MTN forms to prove the destination as he insisted that my brother didn't drive the car by that time.He fill the forms and sent back to him.He then called him that MTN confirms his destination;they will have a meeting to look way forward with the matter.He called my brother 06/05/2016 the last call with him complaining about the old stretches he sees on the car.My brother does not understand what he is actual investigating becouse even if the car has old scretches it is their duty to repair them becouse the car came with the insurance from the car dealer .Of which the car by the time of an accident there were no scretches.could you please help him becouse iwyze is looking invalid reasons so that does not pay the claim its been a month now they tow the car to their place but now they want to run awayThe registration number is HGH 412 EC ID No.6701155779082

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