Re. Excessive kilometer charges
ASP…….Tracker record for the time
I rented a luxury car (BMW318i) from Cape Town International Airport from 26 January 2019 till
2 February 2019 (total of 8 days) for a week holiday at Paternoster.
Firstly, even though the rental fees for 8 days had been paid in full before arrival, I had to wait for 30min, without any explanation, before my keys were given.
Secondly, I have been charged for kilometres not done by me. At reception I was, as usual, asked to check for any damage other than stipulated in the contract, which was duly done together with an attendant and a whole lot of extra damage to fenders etc. was noted down. I have on a previous occasion also wrongfully been accused of causing damage to a rental car (by the way, also from Budget!), which I luckily could disprove.
I was NOT however drawn to the attention of double checking the odometer reading and NOT even made aware that it was noted down on the contract. The BMW (and a lot of newer cars) do not show any dashboard readings without the ignition being switched on. As a result I switched on the engine and made a mental note of the odometer reading which at that stage was 12900km (and not 11290km as had been written down on the contract). I always check the reading for myself in order to roughly calculate the end reading allowed for the period of rental and kilometres allowed (in this case for 8 days at 200km/day which gives a total of 1600km and thus an end reading of 14500km).
My trip, as you can see on the tracking system installed in all your cars, included a stop for brunch at Ons Huisie in Bloubergstrand before travelling on the R27 towards Paternoster. A stopover at Langebaan was made for some groceries and my arrival time at Paternoster was +/- 15h00. As you further can see two more trips were made to Vredenburg for groceries and a day trip was made to Elandsbaai via Dwarskersbos and Velddrif.
The final trip was to Hermanus for an overnight stay at 138 Marine drive Guest House for my wife’s birthday where we had dinner at La Pentola restaurant.

As you now can see on the tracker system and by your own calculation, the total round trip was no
More than 1000km. I returned the car in a cleaned condition on 2 February 2019 at 15h15. Incidentally my credit card was immediately debited on the very same day as it was returned with a whopping extra R4000. That means that the odometer reading must immediately been noted down and I thus wrongfully charged for doing double the amount of kilometres allowed for the rental period (a total of 2600km). How then is it possible that that such a massive error of 1610km difference could have been made by such a big and well known company as Budget Rental? That massive error put me in an excess kilometre usage of 10km before even climbing into the car. An error of 100km could be understandable for possible service and or cleaning purposes, but >1600km is not acceptable.
I could not in my wildest dreams imagine that such a huge mistake could accidentally (or on purpose?), be made by such a big and well known company as yourself. All documented proof is my stay at Paternoster and Hermanus and various slips of purchases.
I thus respectfully ask that the mistake be corrected in 24 hours and the charges be reversed. If this request is not acted upon favourably, I will make it my mission to publicly via all my means at my disposal, nationally AND internationally, make it known and so warn any future clients not to make use of a company where rumours go round that they wrongfully charge innocent clients. We really do not need another corrupt company in our already troubled South Africa.
Hope to hear from you soon

Yours sincerely

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