We buy cars Complaints - Car under warrenty but broke down

I have trade my vehicle at we buy cars in Feb 2019 and Lerise Esterhuizen at Kimberley POD was excellent in her job. Could not ask for better service. I am in Kimberley and they traded the car from Jhb. So I got someone to test drive the vehicle Mercedes-Benz ML 320 but they only aloud us to dive for about a kilometer on a 60 kmph road. And was not allowed to test the vehicle to its full potential. The seller David told me that it have a full service history and a sirvice book and that the vehicle is in a very good condition only a aircon light that keep on going on. On my arrival at the POD i got David and took the car for a test drive in the same manner and there was no light of the aircon on. I asked David for the service book but he could not find it. On my way back to Kimberley the car kept on pulling back and did not have enough power. The indicator came on for the brakes. And the gears made a terrible noise. When I got to Kby I took the car to a mechanic to check the car he informed me that there is a problem on the gearbox and the brake sensors does not work. I took the car to register it on my name but the car where I found out that the car was not for a roadworthy test. I try to do the roadworthy but the car failed. I was very upset and phoned we buy cars. The only said that I have no warranty on the vehicle and they can't help me. I got into my car and drove home while I was driving my cars gearbox broke down. When I bought the vehicle David told me that there is a 6 months warranty on the car. But now when I need help there is nothing. I am unhappy and need my vehicle to be fixed or a n other vehicle at the same value of my Choice or a refund.

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