Active Auto Vanderbilpark Complaints - Car was Sold with worn out tyres - Dealer refuse to give relevant customer service

Bought the car with worn out tyres and brought it under the dealers attention and
they insisted there is nothing wrong with the tyres as it passed the roadworthy test. On the 6th of March I send them an email with the attached pictures of the two front tyres and the dealers response was that they are investigating the matter. Unfortunately on the 12th of March I had an incident on the road where one of the same worn out tyres bursted, I brought it under the dealers attention and according to them I've hit a porthole but the funny part is how do they know which road I was travelling on and that there was a porthole on that specific road. They alledge that I am taking chances despite of the fact that they have been aware of the tyre problem long before my "incident" happened.

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