On 19-02-2019 I received 2 messages from Game informing me of 2 purchases made on my store card. I had my card in my possession and had not left the office since logging in. I reported the fraudulent purchases to Game on 0861028889. I was advised that the purchases were made in Mpumalanga and that the case will take 21 days to be resolved. As requested I mailed (on 20-02-2019) a police certified affidavit, Id copy, 3 specimens of my signature, a copy of my Game store card back & front as well as a clock in and out record from my place of employ (additional). My issues are: I called Game on 25-02-2019 to follow-up, only to find that my mail was only opened and acknowledged when I called. On my 2nd follow-up today 11-03-2019, I was informed that my case has not as yet been assigned for investigation and that the 21 day rule will apply only once the investigation has been assigned to a consultant and that there is a backlog. Also, that I might be blacklisted as I only paid the monthly instalment which I rightfully know I owe Game. My concerns are: Through no fault or security breach on my part, purchases were made on my account and furthermore should I apply for credit in this period, it might be declined. My questions therefore are: Why is my Game account blocked and unavailable to me, the legitimate owner of the account? I have relatively large credit at my disposal, which I am unable to use. Am I no longer credit worthy because Game’s security checks failed. When will I receive feedback from Game as to the timeline regarding the 21 days period. Game Management please reply as I do not plead backlog or blocked account when the next instalment is due.

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