Dis-Chem Cresta Mall Complaints - Cashier stole my money

I went to Dischem Cresta mall yesterday 24 May 2018 to buy some sweets. I then went to pay, I placed on the counter the sweets, Dischem card and the money to pay. The cashier by the name of T. NELUONDE stole my money and put it under the counter and demanded me to take out another money to pay for the item. I told her that I already placed the money on the till. She demanded another money from me. I called the supervisor and she said she will check on the camera. When I asked for the manager in charge. They called JASON and he said he will check the cameras and get back to me. When I call him later he admitted that he saw me putting the money on the counter but he is not going to help me because his job is to protect the brand Dis-chem. He was so unhelpfully and treated me like I do not know my rights. When I asked to speak to his boss, he said they will tell me the something.

JASON saw the cashier on the camera stealing and hiding my money under the counter, but when I asked him questions about what he saw on the camera he started denying everything
saying that he is protecting the brand (Dis-chem)
Everyone must be in a look out when going to pay at Dis-chem till Cresta Mall. They will take you money and hide it and demand you to pay again.

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