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On the 24th of October whilst I was driving to work I got a phone call from the Cell C call centre, the agent offered me a cell phone contract of which I accepted. He then asked where I would like the phone to be delivered I advised that it can be delivered at my residential address, this was to be done in the next 7 working days from the day of the call.He also read Terms & Conditions that took more than 30 minutes and he gave me a reference number: metoc 293048/1.Two days after that I received another call from Cell C confirming that they will be delivering my phone, but ow to my work address. I explained to the call agent that I am nort always in the office it would be better if they deliver to my home address. Until now I have not received th cell phone, when I call I am told totally different stories. When I called to do a follow up I spoke to Tanya, Busi & AnnA-Lee who have all promised to come back to me but to no avail.I have been doing a follow up for more than 8 times already even when giving the reference number that was given I am told that I must re-apply, and no ne has even attempted to do a new application for me. I am really disappointed at this appalling service from Cell C. I would realy appreciate a call from a senior person at Cell C customer service. I can be contaced on 083 616 4521.

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thysvisagie ( on 27/10/16 )

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Hi I'm not happy as well because its now about 3weeks since I've upgraded my cell c contract and still not receiving the phone yet. Everytime I call to follow up on it they said give us another 2days we don't have stock. Yesterday I talked to one of the consultants and he confirmed that they finally received the stock and that they will delivered my phone to me today. A couple of minutes ago i phone again just to make sure that they sent me the phone the lady told me they haven't received the...

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