Ackermans Complaints - Cellphone

On the 29th of June we bought a tablet cellphone at a cost of 799, as my daughters birthday present,I told her to use the battery until is flat, then I left when they tried to charge the phone the charger didn't fit on the phone, so they charged it wit another charger then the phone charged but is taking days to be full, so I went to Ackerman's to ask about the matter the other lady from another Ackerman's told me to take it back where I bought it, then I went there to ask so they told me that I can bring it back so they can book it to be fixed but they will charge me for that, I'm so disappointed about the service I received there I trusted Ackerman's With my shopping for kids but now I can't explain the pain, hopping someone can sort this out for me.0795576157 or 0798789490

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