The Foschini Group Complaints - Cellphone Claim

I went to TFG Donna Claire at Greenstone to claim a lost phone on the 24 July 2019. On Aug 112019 ireceived an sms that they confirm receipt of the claim.
On sep 9th / 17 Sep/ 13 Oct/ 28 Oct/ 10 Nov/13 Nov/ 2019 they asked for additional info by sms to finalise my claim. As they sent these sms imake means to call them then they ask me to email a photo of a box they want to see emei number. i did that 3 if not 4 times already. after all my effort no one willever come back to me to confirm receiving my email. the only thing i will receive isthe sms. even today im still waiting. Today Toni Rtshikhopha told me they cannot proceed with my claim until its blaclisted. he said i must go back to Vodashop and ask them to Blacklist the correct emei number. i went twice already at Vodashop they were certain that the number is blacklisted. they told me it be blackisted twice. i explain to him that i have been to the shop, from the shop to Vodashop and then calling the TFG customer service for couple of times. he didnt seem to care.

for the past 4 months being sent from pillar to post. the shop assistance by the name of Thembi is the one who has been helpful and she has been emphathetic towards me. Ibought it for my daughter she went back to school without it. she is now back for Dec holidays she is asking for her phone its not back. Its inconvieniencing for her studies as well and as for her life.

im saddened by the treatment i received from TFG after being a loyal customer from the day i opened that account. Paying my accounts on time even the insurance i cant believe this is happening to me. If such a big company as TFG treats its loyal customers like trash they are going to loose a lot of business.

It was a Gold J7 Samsung which i bought for R4000. thanks

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