Bluelable Connect Complaints - Cellphone contract


I took a contract with Bluelable connect last year. The cell phone they sent me was a mandela phone that was suposed to be a smart phone. they assured me i am getting a normal cellphone which i did not. The phone broke and they repaired i. i have been missing airtime and cannot get threw to the enquiries 087501733. this number tells you they are open till 5 and then switch off. The next phone also broke and i logged another fault and am still waiting on them to contact me. i am paying R300 a month for a phone that i cannot even replace the parts of as i decided i just want to go and buy the battery somewhere else as i am not getting any service from them and i dont want to fight. unfortunately this phone does not exist anywhere so i cannot replace the parts myself. I am paying more then the value of the phone and not getting what i paid for. I have zero service. I have emails to back up.

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