Individual Complaints - Charged double

I bought R731 groceries at Midwater Spar Middelburg 27th August 2019. I had R1335 in my account. My card payment was declined. Puzzled i tried again. It was declined. I paid cash. I went home and checked to see who took money out my account. It shows that Spar took R731 for the same transaction i paid cash for. I phoned Spar, then went back with my bank statement. I was told the bank will reverse the payment. I told them they won't reverse it because there is money in my account. I was told to wait for Friday, because on my statement it shows outstanding card authorisation. Friday came, i phoned Standard bank customer care who told me when the internet goes offline, it happens that the card machine shows declined even though there is funds in your account. It happens often. Spar must refund me the money at their cost. If they refund me the Friday i would have my money the Wednesday. So, Tuesday i paid double for my groceries. I should have been refunded by Friday. Nothing. Friday Spar should have refunded me and Wednesday i should have been refunded. Nothing!!! I did email Spar's head office the Sunday & was told an investigation would follow and i would receive feedback after 3 working days. But my patience has worn very thin. The transaction took place on the 27th, today is the 4th September 2019. What is a huge concern, is this happens often. How often has the public bought at Spar, their transaction declined, they never check their statement but faithfully pay the cash. The same amount goes off their bank account. How does Spar know you paid double if you do not complain? If you do not keep your till slips as proof? What does Spar do with that extra money in their account that they cannot account for? How many people have been robbed in this way? Unknowingly you could be paying double for your groceries without realising it. From now on check your bank account if your transaction is declined just to be sure the transaction didn't go through. Unfortunately Spar's policy is that they do not give you your cash back. According to the bank Spar should refund you within 3 working days. But unfortunately for me i have been waiting since the 27th to the 4th and still waiting. While they investigate. In the meantime, i look at my bank statement and my cash slip and i see same transaction, same cashier, same time, same money same date. Within a minute i solved my own query, problem is i can't refund me my own money!!!!

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