MTN Complaints - Charged for upgrade without benefit

I went to MTN morning siae on 20th March to alter my contract to up my usage.
I didn't get any benefit after 24 hours and went in aain on 22March to complain and could not get satisfaction as the matter had to be ecsalated to [email protected] i contacted them on the 26 and 27th to again resolve the fact that I had no beenfit without success. I got my account and have been chared the upgraded value for the full month of March - no proportionate chagre as was promised. I have called on 9th, 12th, and 25th April to resolve and on all occasions spoken to a consultant and supervisor withot success. I have full details of the names and surnames of those I have spoken to. This organisation are crooks, inefficient, employ incompetant staff and are unwilling to resolve issues but happy to "steal" your money. Clearly they take their lead ffom the government! you are unable to escalate to a person to resolve the matter and reach a dead end on the custeomer care line. What does one do????

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