Telkom Complaints - Charging for a line that is not in operation

Our Wifi/telkom line at home is not working.I contact Telkom on the 23rd March 2018,that my Wifi is not working, they mentioned that the cables has been stolen in our areas( South of Johannesburg and will not be replaced , gave me a dispute. ref no 22824558,I contact them on numerous occations and their reply was that they busy dealing the dispute, its now 7 months down the line and still no joy ,On the 13rd August Meshadren the consultant provide me with a ref no(231346403) that has not been captured on the system , which means he has not taken down my complaint, and mentioned that Gavin Strydom the manager will give me a call which never happened ,I'am billed for a service and line that i'am not currently using -
Sep 2018 Invoice for September 0080803257 R 454.70
Subscription & usage for 0119451284 Do Basic R 217.89
Subscription & usage for 0119451284_1 Do Basic R 166.45
Subscription & usage for TIN2840714 Do Basic R 99.87
Discounts -R 54.46
Account subscriptions & once-off charges R 24.95
Total due R 2,141.42
I was advise by the consultant today to cancell the acccount online ,could not cancelle online as the account has been suspended,told me i did not make a payment, My question to them was how can i make a payment on something that iam not using,since March 2018.I was told by the consultant as long as the acccount is open will be charged, and will credit me back. i am helpless and very frustrated with Telkom service . My ref no for today ( 3615921, hope that they have add this complaint on the system. Require youhelp please

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