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On Friday 27 July 2018 I was charged R199,99 for an item which I did not purchase. On Monday, 30 July I went with cash receipt to report matter. After the footage revealed that my allegation was true, I was refunded R200. NO APOLOGY. NO REGRET EXPRESSED AT MISTAKE. NO ASSURANCE THAT STORE WOULD LOOK INTO MATTER AND BE CAREFUL THAT IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN. After I thanked the manager for refunding what was erroneously charged, I waited a moment for some kind of response; none was forthcoming. I then asked regarding apology, regret, reassurance that matter would be reviewed, she rather tried to explain it away. I would have been happy with, "I'm really sorry for inconvenience and be assured we will look into the matter." Offer of some kind of compensation would have been a bonus, considering that I needed to return to the store. To add insult to injury, I am a regular and loyal patron; its where I do my regular household shopping.

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