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Was given a list Repairers by insurance, to get quotations from them of which I feel is unfair as I am paying my insurance every month for this to be done on my behalf. Repairers are refusing to give me quotations based on a quotation I had as they need to physically evaluate the car. The car does not move, was therefore advised by the repairers to inform my insurance they need to request evaluators to evaluate the car. Sent feedback to my contact person (insurance) who is now "all of a sudden" not working on my claim, he then informed me that someone else will contact me (that was on the 19/01/2017). I sent an email again informing that I have not received any form of feedback or a phone call but he (Kreesan Frank) just read my email and ignored it. My accident happened on the 08/12/2017, it has been over a month now, I'm also accumulating storage fees because of this delay. I must say I am absolutely disgusted by all of this.

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Prime Meridian Direct ( on 29/01/18 )

Attitude : Neutral Send Mail

Hi Mpumie91,

We thank you for taking the time to bring your concern to our attention, we regret any inconvenience caused.

Your enquiry is important to us and has been referred to one of our Market Conduct Professionals who will provide you with further assistance in this regard.

Assuring you of our continued best endeavours on your behalf.

Kind regards,
The PMD Team.

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