Affinity Complaints - Claim/ATT490306 not yet paid


On the 7th of April at about 11pm we had an accident . I had to call my insurance affinity and the guy By the name of Edwin Khomo he told me I do not have the insurance policy with the affinity and I have gave him my policy and he told me that they have been advice not to do anything on these policy numbers .

I was in an accident scene the whole night and my insurance had let me down and the police towing truck tow the truck in the morning. I called affinity to get clarification and they told me that my policy id with Lion of Africa .

Chantel help me to get the the claim form while the car was with on the tenth fill the forms and send to claims and I have not head anything from the claim department . I called the claim department and they needed some documents sent it to that department . I had to nag them to collect the car from the metro police of which they did eventually I had to leave work and go to the police station to collect the car which cold have been avoided .

I have been dealing with Lerato and Simbarashe at claims of which when I call them they have no clue what so ever what going on with my my claim . I requested to speak to Simbarashe manager and there was a guy by the name of Andrew who is got aa attitude who does not know customer service what so ever he did refuse to give me his surname I fond him very pathetic the whole process for my claim it a month and the few day today still nothing has happed with my claim.

Every time I call Lerato she will say she will call me in a few minute she need to confirm with simbarashe and if I call Simbarashe he said he need to confirm with accesses . and after that they will never come back to me up to this day .

My frustration they take the premium for the service I do not received even last month they took the premium of the car that they know it has been involved in an accident I pay the instalment for the car I'm not using .

as a customer I have not been treated fairly by this financial service provider (Affinity) they change my policy with out my concern and above all they are not helpful at all . or maybe this is their service standard this is the way they treat their customer . I feel I have been cheated by Affinity not assisting me on the day of accident even up to this day no body can tell what going on with my claim .

As I write this email it the second time sending the complain after tons of call I have made begging them to do their job and they do not take their customer seriously and over and the above that I have more than one car that is insured with them but still they do not take my business seriously .

I need to be assisted concerning this matter I am tired of chasing after claim department or affinity for that matter . I need my car to be fixed by the end of this week since I have been chasing after you for the month and half

Bongo Mbambo

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