OLD MUTUAL INSRANCE Complaints - claim -broker blaim me and bad service no truth

I insured my IPHONES WITH OLD MUTUAL INSURANCE iphone 5 at 5000 and 6s at 8000,now I was told when I want claim after a loss that 6s will be replaced at 6500not 8000 but I have been paying for 8000value for 3yrs why didn't the broker update me as he is getting paid.this is what broker said " I have spoken to Marc, but afraid the same answer as what he has given to you. The thing is that in the policy it stipulate that it is the insured’s duty to check on values of insured items. If the insured amount on the phones should have been decreased, the premium would have been only a little bit lower than what you have been paying. The only thing that any insurer automatically reduces every year, is the vehicle values. Specified items are the insured’s duty to check on values as newer models get on the market and older items loses values. If you look at it from another angle – you might get people to specify items for big values(more than replacement costs) so that they can make money out of an event-generally speaking, you understand what I mean. The other thing is, also in policy wording , that insurers can either pay or replace, or pay out at what replacement costs are for an item.
Now as Marc explained(and he is not making the rules nor me)they could replace you cell phone for that amount. And they are not the skelms nor me, we didn’t smashed the window and take the cell phones(which one shouldn’t leaf in a unattended vehicle-and be leave you me, it happened to me also)And Santam,Out Surerance,Auto&General,ect-all work in this way
I hope you understand it in this way. Please inform Marc of your discussion as soon as possible to get the claim paid because after the storm of yesterday it is going mad in the claims offices,We will talk again."he blame me and put all the responsibility on me I was with FNB INSURANCE from 2006 before he advice me to move saying its for the best now am experiencing the worst,blame me on something you made advice me on ,he was also of the idea that I will only be paid 8000+5000 that's what he told me,when I phone him the beginning of the claim
Kind regards

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