Bankmed Discovery Complaints - Claim for Autoriasation

Dear Peter

I've been in a taxi accident on the 12 June 2019 , hurt my shoulder and legs. Thank God nothing was broken. I have a stiff should since the day of my accident, after 2 days I've went to my GP with x-rays as my shoulder was in extreme pain GP gave me injection for the pain. After 3 days I went back with still pain and couldn't lift or move my arm and the GP refer me to Chiropractic. The chiro refer me for a MRI scan for test and the medical aid decline told them that is not serious if the doctor only want to test.

My issue is that this is not the first time since discovery have taken over we are only allow basic stuff on you medical aid. I was told to pay cash and if something is wrong they will refund you. my Question is we don't have cash always and must u be in pain for so long and suffer unable to use your arm on a daily basic for the last 4 weeks. I feel like I am disable and there is nothing I can do but we have to pay premium every month.

So why do we have medical aid ? high payment every month , but no benefits for incidents ?

Struggling with 1 Arm :(

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