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Good day

I am really concerned about how AON handled my Claim – Claim Ref# 51556397

The City of Joburg sent a technical report to AON Friday, 23 February 2018 about the incident that my Claim however AON only made their first contact with me on Tuesday, 13 March 2018…..more than ten (10) days after receiving the technical report and, the contact was only made after I have made a call to the. Meaning that I should have waited for a longer period and I have no doubt about that.

They advised me that they need the proof of residential and I arranged for that in a form of an affidavit and they told me that they don’t accept affidavits.

I then have to go to the department of housing and get one drafted for me and I sent it to them.

I made a call to them after few days and was told that I must get a technician who must draft another technical report. I asked if they have some technicians that they know of so that I can make that call from my end and, AON never give me an answer or a clue regarding my request. Then, I looked around until I found one registered technician with cost, something that I do not understand as in my understanding they should have sent an assessor to come and evaluate the damages.

Another issue is that the claim I have submitted was for just above R8000 however AON made a decision to pay me 50% of the submitted claim since I do not have an invoice any longer. I asked them why do you think I will still have a receipt of the items that I have purchased about five (5) years ago and they said you must keep the receipts for instances of this nature. That don’t make sense and AON is bullying me. I need someone from AON to explain to me if this is the way how they make the money by making such an unreasonable decisions when handling claims.

After sending the report I received a release form last week on Thursday, 22 March 2018. I signed the form and sent it back to them the same day within a space of 30 minutes and was advised that the TAT for me to get the payment is 72hrs.

I made several follow-ups regarding the payment and was the other day I was told that the person who make payments is not present at work and my question was ‘Does that means when that person is not at work the show must stop?’ and was told that there is somebody who is helping.

I did not do Maths at school but my calculations tells me that AON is out of their TAT (Turn Around Time) and/or the SLA (Service Level Agreement) 72hrs and I am still awaiting for the payment. What a shocking service from such a big company that I liked and respected for so many years?

Kind regards

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