Nedbank does not value their clients and they are not honest. We wish to lodge a complaint against Nedbank Ms HN Mayaba claimed for damages to her property after the storm which happened last year in Soweto. a contractor was sent to view the damages and later a gentlemen was also sent by Nedbank to verify the extent of damages. The second gentlemen could not climb on top of the roof as a result he called a boy from next door and asked him to assist by checking on the roof for him.The boy did as he was asked.After the boys observations a quotation was done.
My Mother Ms HN Mayaba received a call from the call center informing
her that there is an amount of R 1000 EXCESS which she needs to pay,
explained to the consultant that she did not have the money, she was told not to worry forms for her to sign will be forwarded. Documents where sent to her on which she signed under the impression that a debit of a R 1000.00 will be done for excess. When I spoke to her she informed me of the
documents that she signed and the gentleman who brought them said they needed to be sent immediately, that is when we picked up the quotation (Annexure 1) sent to her is incorrect as the walls in the main bedroom
and the dinning room are not painted but Gama Zeth Plaster. The quotation is not

on a letterhead, money was paid to her personal account, according to her
knowledge she signed the forms and gave her account details so that
nedbank can debit the R1000 needed for excess as she was told. I called Nedbank and spoke to their consultant as she advised that my mother must not spend the money and they will take it back from her account since i had explained that the quotation is not correct and asked her how did they come out with R44000.00 when we asked another contractor whose quote was more than what Nedbank is giving my mother?

I was told based on the gentlemen observations the roof was poorly maintained.Remember the same gentlemen who could not climb on the roof and asked a child from next door to do his work and why did he say the house is painted where as it Gama Zeth Plaster?

Nedbank is saying mother must fix the roof and only then they can take it further. My question is why we have lived in that house for over 16 years we had never had a roof problem but only after the storm which hit the Protea area last year. To date Nedbank is giving us the run arounds.

Very disappointed with Nedbank as they never had any problems with debiting the policy money all these years. All we ask for is that Nedbank fix their quotation by sending a qualified survey so my mom's house can be fixed before another storm.


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