city of tshwane Complaints - claim on damage food during a 2 days without electricity

Good day To all.

I have sent numerous times emails to find out what is the status of my claim. no respond. Only Calvin respond when he was working on my file.

I phone no reply. No feedback. No nothing.

this is my complain to "hello Peter" I had enough now and i am going to send the same review to the news papers, maybe carte blance as well well. I am tired of phoning and writing emails.good day sir.

"hello peter
if we are not without electricity for time to time we have no water sometimes up to 24 hours. now i really had enough. it is summer and very hot. all my frozen food defrosted and had to give away to my domestic worker and some friends that could use it. i put in a claim for the first time to city of Tshwane. after all the years we had no electricity during the last couple of years i never put in a claim to city of tswane. this time i had enough of frozen food getting spoiled. i sent numerous emails to city of tswane to Calvin who did the quantum and then sent it to walter t. ndlovo who never replied to all my e-mails. it is over a month now and still no reply to my emails. the only person that replied every time was calvin. please help me with this claim. i am not going to give up. regards. jackie nel. 0760499440. [email protected] thank you"


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