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can you please assist us in resolving this matter, my mom unfortunately passed away and she was employed by the education department in Limpopo, we have submitted the required documents with the department of Limpopo Mokopane/Mahwelereng circuit in Mogalakwena Waterberg district on the 03 March 2017, it took them three months to submit the documents to GEPF on the 03 June 2017 while they was no errors identified with the submitted documents; since the documents were submitted with the GEPF today the 05 September 2017 it has been three months, and we have bombarded the GEPF with calls following up on the process and payments of the benefits due, but for three months they have indicated that the submitted documents are correct and the case has been handed over to the payment department which is busy with allocation and payment. this is very disappointing is daunting to loose a parent and to go through another struggle of accessing her benefits after 30 years of serving the government diligently; their call centre system is very poor; with lack of trail of calls as the is no call reference number, on every call you speak to a different person/consultant with no help as all and no one taking accountability or responsible for finalising the case; how much should we suffer, when will they ever implement procedures were someone is held accountable.

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